FANR COVID-19 update

In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19, and the direction of the UAE Federal Government. FANR has taken all the necessary measures and actions to ensure the safety of its employees, licensees, public and stakeholders, while ensuring business continuity and conducting its critical regulatory activities that is essential for the safety of the public, workers and environment.
Below are the latest actions and measure taken by FANR:

  •  The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has commenced work from its headquarter offices since August 2020. The phased returned of staff followed the guidance provided by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) Circulars no. (17), (18), (20) for 2020, for the gradual return to workplaces & organizing government work in the Federal Government.
  •  Work at Dubai office has resumed, providing services to our licensees five days of the week. 
  •  FANR management has announces the formation of the New Normal and Afterward Planning Team (The Team) to develop, manage, and monitor the planning for the recovery stage and afterward. This is to ensure full preparedness against future threats and risks associated with any future pandemic or similar situations.
  •  All resident inspectors at Barakah Nuclear Power plant have fully returned to work at the site and FANR is coordinating closely with Nawah Energy Company to ensure their safety.
  •  Material licensees’ inspections activities has returned to its full capacity with inspectors been deployed to the sites according to their inspection schedule       
  •  FANR Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDL) and Environmental Labs are fully operational with 100% return of their staff.
  •  All external visits to FANR premises from suppliers and others are still not permitted (except for certain urgent requirements) and informed them to use all available digital means to communicate and conduct their businesses.
  •  Disinfecting offices and the FANR’s vehicles is performed regularly in accordance with the government instructions.
  •  Continues update and communication is conducted with all employees about the latest development and FANR management decisions. In addition to the latest communication received from the Federal Government.
  •  Conducted multiple training sessions to staff about the necessary preventive measures related to COVID-19 to ensure their safety during the return to work phase.
  •  Considering and supporting the staff wellbeing during the current pandemic situation, FANR provided multiple Mental Health awareness sessions and has plans to develop a Mental Health Strategy and Program.
  •  All physical planned events, non-essential meetings and public outreach activities are still not permitted, however, all such activities have resumed using digital platforms.

FANR advices it’s licensees, suppliers, contractors to follow its official channels for the latest updates and instructions.
Please use the following contact details for any enquiries or updates
02 651 6644 and

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