Granting exemptions that do not represent a substantial threat to nuclear safety and security

Federal Law by Decree No 6 of 2009, Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy allows the FANR Board of Management to exempt certain facilities and activities from the requirement to be licensed by FANR.

However, the Law requires that the Board’s decisions for exemption be within the limits of international commitments and agreements. The facilities and activities exempted must not represent a substantial threat to ensuring the safety, nuclear safety, nuclear security, radiation protection and safeguards as stipulated in the Law.

FANR Regulation 24 on the Basic Safety Standards for Facilities and Activities involving Ionising Radiation other than in Nuclear Facilities establishes criteria for these exemptions to be granted.

These criteria are:
  • In all reasonably foreseeable situations the radiation dose to any member of the public caused by the radiation source or facility is of the order of 10 microSieverts or less in a year, and for low probability scenarios the dose must not exceed 1 milliSievert in a year Regulatory control would provide no net benefit in that no reasonable control measures would achieve a worthwhile return in the reduction of doses or risks.
  • FANR Regulation 24 also allows for conditional exemptions for apparatus containing radioactive material in certain forms, providing that disposal conditions are satisfied. These exemption criteria mirror those in the IAEA Safety Requirement GSR Part 3, and so meet the provision of the Law regarding exemptions being within the limits of international commitments and agreements.
  • Exemptions Determined by the Board of Management

    The following regulated activities along with the stipulated regulated materials are exempt from the requirement to obtain a licence from FANR:

    Regulated Activity:

    ​​Possession, use or handling; import or export; transportation; storage; disposal

    Regulated Material/ products:

    Lamps containing less than 10,000Bq of Kr-85 or less than 4700 Bq of Th-232




    27 June 2012

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