FANR awarded the Intellectual Property Certification for Barakah Regulatory Oversight Management System (ROMS)

Jun 29, 2021

​The Federal Authority of Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has been awarded an Intellectual Property Certification for the Regulatory Oversight Management System (ROMS). The system provides an integrated solution to manage all regulatory oversight data for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and measure the licensee’s performance.

This certification represents a milestone for FANR, as the certified system is entirely built in-house and is considered a hub for the safety, security, and safeguards of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and it aims to prevent the silos, reduce duplicity, and improve the efficiency of the Regulatory Oversight.

The system contains the incoming and outgoing data that are used in monitoring and evaluating the operator of the power plant in accordance with the Law, Regulations, Licence Conditions and Regulatory Guides of FANR.

The Regulatory Oversight Management System (ROMS) covers FANR’s core processes which are Authorization, Inspection, Construction and Operating Experience and it has gone through 6 phases in 2020 to ensure proper planning, testing, and reporting.

FANR has since fed 23 Inspection Reports, 8 Events Reports, 13 Licensee Change Requests, and 12 Plant Status Reports into ROMS.

The Ministry of Economy awarded FANR the Intellectual Property Certificate following the fulfillment of the ministry’s Patent Registration requirements.


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