Issue To whom it may concern certificate


This letter is issued by the online system ( NuTech Portal ), purpose of this letter is to release items that restricted by the HS Codes in UAE Customs systems for control of the transfers . Otherwise if controlled, the system will reject the request for this type of letter, and divert the applicant to apply for the required license by SGD-Import & Export Control.

Required Documents

Company registration:

  •  Trade license
  • Contact person Valid ID and Passport
  • Undertaking letter


  • Establishing law
  • Contact person valid id and passport
  • Undertaking letter

After Company registration they may apply for “To Whom it May Concern” Certificate:
Company required documents:

  • bill of lading airway bill or custom declaration
  • Upload invoice
  • Technical specifications to the items

Time Frame

1 working day

How To Apply

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