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Calibration is the measurement of the gap between a reference point as determined by the secondary standards dosimetry laboratory and the customer’s instrument. This gap is called the calibration factor and it is reported in a calibration certificate.

Calibration is essential to ensure that accurately known doses are delivered to patients undergoing diagnosis and therapy, and that radiation measurement instruments used throughout the UAE provide the expected degree of accuracy to support radiation protection.

The secondary standards dosimetry laboratory’s calibration services are accredited by the Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) and based on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard on the General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. FANR’s secondary standards dosimetry laboratory is accredited since December 2018.

FANR’s secondary standards dosimetry laboratory (SSDL) offers calibration services to the users of radiation measurement instruments. The list of these services is available on the website of ENAS.
In order to request the calibration services from the secondary standards dosimetry laboratory, you need to fill in the relevant form:
SSDL portal

Required Documents

The customer must send the calibration request through the SSDL portal and must attach the user manual or the technical specifications of the instrument(s) to be calibrated.

Time Frame

Once the SSDL Team has approved your calibration request, the SSDL Team will contact you in order to schedule the delivery of your instrument(s). The SSDL Team will also inform you of the date of calibration of your instrument.

For ion chamber calibration, please be informed that the secondary standards dosimetry laboratory will need to receive your chamber at least four days prior to calibration for acclimatisation of the laboratory’s environmental conditions (i.e. temperature and humidity). 

The customer has to select the calendar slot when sending the request through the SSDL Portal. The equipment will be calibrated within 5 working days from the date of delivery to the SSDL. The delivery must be doneon week days (Sunday to Thursday) between 9 am and 2 pm.

How To Apply

In order to deliver a calibration service, FANR’s secondary standards dosimetry laboratory needs to receive the calibration request from the SSDL portal 

Once the SSDL Team approves the calibration request and you agree on the calibration schedule, you can send your instrument(s) by express courier to FANR’s secondary standards dosimetry laboratory or to take it there yourself directly.

The address of the FANR’s secondary standards dosimetry laboratory is:
Khalifa University – Al Zafranah
Abu Dhabi, UAE
laboratory’s location.

Information Sources

User Manual of the SSDL Portal:Click Here
Accreditation Scope: Click Here
Comments, enquiries, compliments and Complaints: WASL

FANR SSDL is also available by email at or by phone during the official working hours (9am – 2pm) on 02 6516 644.
The SSDL Team is committed to responding to proposals, enquiries and complaints as quickly as possible.

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