Application for Renewal a Licence to Conduct Regulated Activity using Regulated Materials


​In accordance with Federal Law by Decree No 6 of 2009, Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, a licence is required to carry out activities involving ionising radiation. Any business or governmental organisation including entities operating in free zones, which possess, use, manufacture, handle, store, import or export, transport and dispose of radioactive materials, X-ray generators or other sources of ionising radiation must apply for a FANR licence.

Please note that the licence renewal application form should be submitted three months before the expiry date of the licence. 

Required Documents

Organisation Type:

Government Entities

Private Companies

  • Copy of trade licence
  • Proof of membership of the applicable Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UAE
  • Passport copy with UAE residence visa for the responsible person and contact person as listed on the licence application form
  • Relevant technical information about the regulated material (for more details see the FANR Guide: Applying for a Regulated Material Licence )

Information about Personnel

Responsible Person
  • Valid passport copies and residence visa (the visa holder should be under the facility’s name as mentioned under the ‘Organisation’ tab)
  • If the Responsible Person is not the owner or the legal partner of the facility, you will need to submit to FANR an official Power of Attorney
Contact Person
  • Valid passport copies and residence visa (the visa holder should be under the facility’s name as mentioned under the ‘Organisation’ tab)
  • If the contact person’s visa is not under the facility’s name, you will need a ‘no objection’ letter from the two parties
Radiation Protection Officer
  • Valid passport copy and residence visa (the visa holder should be under the facility’s name as mentioned under the ‘Organisation’ tab)
  • If the Radiation Protection Officer’s visa is not under the facility’s name, you will need one ‘no objection’ letter from your employer and one ‘no objection’ letter from the organisation to which you will provide the radiation protection services
  • A formal designation letter signed by the responsible person and addressed to the Radiation Protection Officer detailing the radiation protection responsibilities and duties
  • Recent experience or a CV of the Radiation Protection Officer
  • A certificate in radiation safety training, or the booking confirmation of upcoming training, or a commitment letter signed by the responsible person to provide the Radiation Protection Officer with radiation safety training within three months of registration in the e-Licensing system

Information about Radiation Sources

  • Manufacturer’s certificate for any radioactive material, associated equipment, radiation generators and linear accelerator
  • If the inventory includes a radioactive source, you will need an agreement to return the disused radioactive material to the manufacturer

Technical documentation: Radiation Protection Programme

Relevant technical information about the Radiation Protection Programme compatible with the authorised practice, the regulated activity and regulated material (for more details see the ‘Information Source’ section).

Fees Information

The fees imposed on licensees for the issuance and renewal of a licence to conduct a regulated activity relating to regulated material is based on Cabinet Resolution No (8) of 2014 Concerning Licence Fees and Services Provided by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation. Please click here to view the Cabinet Resolution.

Please be informed that licence fees must be paid at either FANR’s Headquarters in Abu Dhabi or at FANR’s office in Dubai at the time of licence collection. The licence must be collected without due delay upon the receipt of an email notification from FANR to collect the licence. For more information on office opening hours, please click here).

Payment methods are as follow:

  • e-Dirham - the e-Dirham charge is AED3 levied by First Abu Dhabi Bank
  •  credit card - the credit card charge is 2.5% of the total amount of the paid fee

Please be informed that payment cannot be made by cash or cheque.

Time Frame

The review and processing of your licence application takes approximately one month if all supporting documents are in order. Once approved, you will receive an email notification to collect your licence.

How To Apply

  • you can apply through the fanr e-licensing system here
  • Apply for a renewal by clicking on the ‘FANR Applications’ tab and selecting ‘Renewal’ from the drop-down list.
  • Attach all the required documents and submit your application through the FANR e-Licensing system.
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