FANR took part in the World Utilities Congress

May 11, 2022

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) took part in the World Utilities Congress (WUC), where Sara Al Saadi, Director of Nuclear Safety, participated in the Nuclear Energy Leadership Forum to speak about FANR's role in developing an integrated regulatory system to oversee the nuclear sector in the United Arab Emirates.  

The purpose of the session is to highlight the importance of having a robust national nuclear safety infrastructure to operate the nuclear power plant station.

Since its setup in 2009, FANR, being the UAE's nuclear regulator, has developed a robust regulatory infrastructure and maintained full transparency by engaging with its stakeholders as well as issuing  44 regulations and regulatory guides in a record span of time, providing the necessary infrastructure for the operator to fulfill their mandate.

In addition, Al Saadi highlighted that FANR has robust regulatory systems such as having the state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), which acts as the focal point for  coordinating response efforts to address nuclear and radiological emergencies; and smart licensing systems to support its diverse licensees across the UAE. She also highlighted various education programmes in place to build national capacity in the sector.

The World Utilities Congress provides a platform to explore the latest products, innovations and technological advancements across the global power and utilities landscape, of which the nuclear sector is a vital component.


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